12.01.2018 22:52
Soon on your favourite streaming service!  Until then, here is a soundcloud link:
17.07.2017 13:12
jAcid - Vardag is now on Spotify/iTunes/etc  RERELEASE on Acidworx, stary tuned!   
17.07.2017 13:09
Playing an Acid techno/trance set at Acid Eagle in Stockholm.  Added a MPC live to setup and removed Elektron and Boutique gear. 
25.04.2017 12:36
Going to perform a downtempo acid set at Chillival festival in Stockholm the 6th June.
29.03.2017 19:37
Started working on 2017 album, here is the drafts on soundcloud:
18.12.2016 18:29
  The controller is almost finished, missing midi in port, timekeeper aka clock and final faceplate. But all midi functions are working, yay! Some color leds added for working in low light situations. Now to finish a new concept liveset. 
18.08.2016 15:04
Added three more synths to the live case so i had to change the mixer and some control surfaces.  Turning out really nice, had to move all power supply to lid section to fit new synths but its super to have some juno/jupiter/jx sounds with hands on knobs.  Have to build a controller for...
04.08.2016 21:37
Will be playing live at outdoor party, BeOw, bEow!
17.06.2016 12:56
Surgery is now out on Spotify, Itunes and so on. Four tracks was chosen. Enjoy!  
15.01.2016 10:16
Surgery playlist! 5/20 songs done, hopefully its done before next year.  Now running on octatrack controlling 3x303, tr8, microbrute, streichfett and mopho. Using Ableton live for automation control. 
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